How do I begin

The City Library of Vaasa has Chromebook laptops and Chromebox workstations for use. All computers work in the same way.


The laptops can be lent from the customer service through your library card. The computer can be used only on the premises of the library. The maximum loan time for the computer is 4 hours at a time. In case the computer is not returned a reminder and a bill will be sent in the same was as for other non-returned material. The compensation price for the computer is 322.40 €. All of the library’s computers have theft protection. A computer that is missing or has not been returned will be locked through software and will be unusable.

The computer starts up when you open the cover or press the power button. Once you stop using the computer, log out, shut the cover and return the computer to the customer service.


The workstations work in the same way as the laptops. The computer starts up from the power button, which is on the front of the computer.

The front also has 2 USB-ports.

Getting started

1. Begin by clicking the Lulu frog logo on the screen.

2. Choose the language you want to use from the drop down menu and click Enter. The default language is Finnish. If you use English as your language, please choose Swedish as your keyboard so keyboard layout is correct.

3. Read the terms and conditions for the computer and accept them.

4. The Chrome browser opens up in the standard view. The tabs open the library’s webpage as well as a google search page.

Ending the session

5. Always remember to log out or shut down when you stop using the computer. This way you secure that all files and information in the browser will be deleted automatically.

If you do not do anything, you will automatically be logged out after 20 seconds.

6. The computer shuts down if you press the power button or shut the cover of the laptop.

If you do not use the customer computer, the session will automatically end in 10 minutes or 5 minutes for magazine- and search computers.


Do you want to create a new document? Start a new document through these links:

Remember to save the file to a USB-memory or cloud service, in case you want to keep the document!

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