How do I print

At most units the customer computers have a printing service in use. Ask the library personnel for more information.

The default is always the printer closest to the work point. The print function can be found under the logo in the browser. Printing is also started by the CTRL + P key combination.

The print preview window always shows the printer to which the printing work is sent (sometimes the default can be a PDF-printer), the amount of pages to be printed and which pages shall be printed. During the preview always check that the page looks ok – the print out is always looking like the draft in the preview function.

The fee’s charged for the print outs can be checked from the web library under Payments, terms and conditions.

If you need to change the printer, click the Change… button next to the printer and choose the desired printer from the list.


Do you want to create a new document? Start a new document through these links:

Remember to save the file to a USB-memory or cloud service, in case you want to keep the document!

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