How do I use the Office programs

All applications in the customer computers are run through the Chrome browser. The Chrome browser opens among others pdf-files and files created with Office applications.

Office programs

You can create new documents or modify old documents. If you have a Google or Microsoft account, you can log on to the services and use documents stored in the cloud services.

Creating new documents

3 links are created in the administrated bookmarks of the browser.

  1. Create document (text document)
  2. Create spreadsheet (spreadsheet document)
  3. Create presentation (presentation document)

The same links can be found on the main page.

All documents work with the same principles as for saving.


1. When opening a new document (text, spreadsheet or presentation), the document will open in the browser.


2. When you begin writing, the software will notify you that the document cannot be saved (as it is in the network).

3. When you click the Save now link a new window opens, through which you can choose the place where you want to save the file. The computer suggests the “Downloads” folder as default, and this is the default local folder for saving files. If you attach a USB-memory to the computer, it will be recognized and added to the folders list, and you are free to choose it for saving the file under the desired name. After the first saving all changes will be saved automatically.

Opening a document from the USB-memory

When you attach the USB-memory (or SD-memory card) to the customer computer, the desktop will give you a notice about a new device being found. Click the Open Files application.

The Files application will be opened and the default device that was found is chosen (in the example a USB-memory by Transcend). Open the desired file and it will be opened and ready to use in a new tab in the browser. Automatic saving is used immediately.


Do you want to create a new document? Start a new document through these links:

Remember to save the file to a USB-memory or cloud service, in case you want to keep the document!

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