How do I use the USB-memory

Getting started and saving on a USB-memory

When you attach the USB-memory (or SD-memory card) to the customer computer, the desktop will give you a notice about a new device being found. Click the Open Files application.

The Files application will be opened and the default device that was found is chosen (in the example a USB-memory by Transcend). Open the desired file and it will be opened and ready to use in a new tab in the browser. Automatic saving is used immediately.

Digital camera and SD-memory cards are used in the same way as the USB-memory. If you for instance want to check pictures from your digital camera, you can attach the camera to the computer with a USB-cable and SD-memory cards can be placed directly in the computer. The memory will be identified in the Files application, which will help you open the desired files. The file opens into the browser and ready to use in the new tab.

USB-memory and modifying files

The attached USB-memory will automatically be identified and the notice on the screen lets you directly to the Files application. The Files application shows a list of places to save files and also about external devices connected to the computer to which and from which you can save or open files. The USB-memory can be seen in the list under the Downloads folder.

Copying a file

In the Files app the files “drag and drop” function will copy the file.

Moving a file

If you want to move a file from one place to another, open the file locations and cut it (CTRL + X) and open the place to place the file from the list of contents on the left side of the page and paste (CRTL + V).

Deleting a file

If you want to delete a file, choose the file and you will get a trashcan logo in the upper menu of the Files app. By clicking this the file is removed (all Chrome computers don’t have a Del/Delete key).

Stop using the USB-memory

Removing the USB-memory requires that the USB is first removed through software, then physically detached from the computer port. In other cases the files on the USB-memory can be damaged and hence not opened anymore, e.g. the saving of the file can be ongoing in documents open in the browser.


Do you want to create a new document? Start a new document through these links:

Remember to save the file to a USB-memory or cloud service, in case you want to keep the document!

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