Bikes terms and conditions


The borrower must be at least 15 years of age and agree to the Venny bikes terms and conditions.

Children under 15 years of age may borrow a bike, if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian; the bike must be checked out with the parent’s or the guardian’s library card.

Venny bikes are checked out with a library card for one day at a time. In addition to the library card, the borrower must present a photo ID (passport, identity card or driver’s license), that will be left as a deposit until the bike is returned.

Venny bikes are checked out from the main library info. The library has three bikes available for loan. Each bike comes with a helmet.

Venny bikes cannot be booked in advance.



The borrower is responsible for any injuries or damages to themselves or to any other person.

The borrower is liable for any damage to the bike and for the replacement cost for missing parts. The borrower is not responsible for damage caused by normal use, for example puncture.

The borrower must ensure that the bike is in proper working order before use. The borrower is responsible for pumping the tyres (the library info has a bike pump available for use) and for adjusting the bike seat.

The borrower is responsible for the bike and the helmet until they are returned.

The borrower is responsible for the bike key and must not give it to anyone else. The bike must never be left unlocked.

The borrower must agree to the Venny bikes terms and conditions. By checking out a bike from the library the borrower confirms having read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions. For questions or further information about the Venny bikes terms and conditions, please contact the main library info (phone 06-3253533).



The bikes are returned to the bicycle stand by the main library info no later than 30 minutes before closing time. The borrower will get the photo ID back, when the bike is returned.

The late fee for overdue bikes is 10 € per day but not exceeding 70 €. Reminder fees and invoicing fees are the same as with other library materials. The borrower’s deductible in the event of damage is the cost of the damage, but not exceeding 600 €. The maximum fee applies to irreparable damage, theft, and to lost or unreturned bike.