Virtual exhibition: Enrico Mazzone, TEMPERAMENTA


This exhibition is over

03 July Friday 2020
31 July Friday 2020
7/3/2020 to 7/31/2020.
Location: Virtual exhibition

Enrico Mazzone (b. 1982) is an Italian visual artist who has studied theatre set and costume design. Mazzone graduated from Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Torino ten years ago. After this Mazzone has been studying museology and architecture and has concentrated in drawing. Mazzone's exhibition TEMPERAMENTA is the first to be exhibited virtually at Vaasa city library.


You can view the exhibition works in the slideshow above and click through for a gallery to view larger resolutions. Below we present a video sampling the creative process of Enrico Mazzone.

TEMPERAMENTA at Vaasa City Library

By far I returned to Italia, my home country, Thanks very much for the great opportunity to summit my Art at the Library.

Current times are showing Us how hectic events are rarely successful..

One other chance which makes all Us Human Being more flexible and elastic is hitting the new behaviourism, in which the segments of temperaments are not the easiest profile to confirm.

Since I have read a book by Panowsky and Saxl about the Melancholy and its links to the other temperaments, I have been fascinated by the iconographic didactic, filled by thousands and thousands of etchings, engravings and lithographs.

To draw is a great exercise to balance the bars ( levels ) of the soul, adding more or less temper, as a formula or more likely a recipe.

But to give an aim of that current exhibition I can say it blinks to the Four Temperaments in the modern age, based and brought back to the concept of Humors by Hippocrates (370 B.C.)

As so much historical layers knet down trough 1650 years , We all are witnessing so many similar features , as nothing never really changed to the core, if not may by enveloped by the the "so called " progress .

The style I have exquisitely used to represent the drawings it is a mix between the iconographic and the visionary style in which metaphysic was trying to use to explain how a single ( and each person ) has been portrayed from the Rinascimental age.

I hereby would like to welcome the whole audience, being smartly thankful to B├Ąckman Max and Pulli Jimmy for the delicate occasion to withdraw the attention from the city of Vaasa, which I have visited 2 years ago, during my period in where i lived in Finland ( Rauma ) .

Regards as well to SImon Bergman, Lotta Laaksonen, Barbora Xu , Marco Miccoli and Aino Antonio for dispose to the video, in which I try to explain my modus operanda, related to a 97 x 4 metres long size drawing.

Benvenuti e a presto !

Enrico Mazzone