The mobile library Rölli is back on the road again

The mobile library is back on the road again, with three new stops: Omenanlehto daycare centre (Tuesdays at 10:05, odd weeks), Gerby daycare centre (Thursdays at 09:35, even weeks) and Runsorintie (Thursdays at 17:50). See Winter timetable.

 The mobile library is a small space. To keep you and our staff safe, please remember:

  • Do not visit the mobile library if you are ill or have any symptoms of the flu
  • Practice good hand hygiene – the mobile library has hand sanitiser for your use
  • Keep a safe distance – queue outside to avoid overcrowding the mobile library
  • Keep your visit as brief as possible if there are many customers at the mobile library stop
  • Return loans without queuing – leave them in the book returns box
  • Borrow and return at either circulation desk (front or rear)
  • Reserve materials in advance and pick them up at the rear desk
  • All surfaces are regularly wiped down

 Welcome to the mobile library!


Tuesday, September 1, 2020