Public computers

All library locations except Merikaarto have public computers. You can use the Chrome browser; create and edit documents; use cloud services and USB memory sticks; or print, watch or listen to files. The computers run Google Chrome OS. It is easy to use and provides smooth access to online resources as all applications are run from the cloud in a browser.

Using the public computers 

Laptops for borrowing

Borrow a laptop with your library card. The laptops are for in-library use only, and you can borrow them for 4 hours at a time. Available in the main library, Variska library, and Suvilahti library.

The laptop will start when you open the lid or press the power button. When you are finished, log out, close the lid, and return the laptop to the customer service desk.

If a laptop is not returned, the library will send the borrower an overdue notification and an invoice, in accordance with the library regulations. The replacement price for a laptop is 322.40 €. 

Computers for reading online newspapers and magazines

Large touch screen monitors for reading newspapers and magazines online. Available in all locations except Merikaarto. 

Free wireless internet access (WiFi)

In all locations except Merikaarto. Get the user ID and password from a customer service desk. Please note: The user ID and password are changed every day. 

Log in as vaasa-guest.

Check that your computer is using automatic network settings.

Open the browser.

The browser will take you to the login page.

Enter the user ID and password.


Most locations have printers for customers to use. Ask the library staff for more information. Meeting Place Huudi does not have printers. The printers in Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries can only be used during regular opening hours when the service desks are staffed. Printing fees: See Charges and fees.


The main library has a public scanner. The scanners in Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries can only be used during regular opening hours when the service desks are staffed. Scanning fees: See Charges and fees.


Most locations have black and white copy machines. The main library has a self-service copy machine in the entrance hall. To use the self-service copy machine you will need a contactless payment card or an ID sticker. You can use your Waltti travel card, or buy an ID sticker and copy credit at the main library Info desk. Copying fees: See Charges and fees.

Swipe your card in the reader.

Place the original face-up in the document feeder or face down on the glass.

Press the copy button.

The number of copies will be debited from your account.

Microfilm reader

Read and print microfilmed newspapers with the microfilm reader in the Newspapers and magazines section in the main library. The section also has a collection of daily newspapers on microfilm.

Digital piano

Play the digital piano in the Music and arts section in the main library. Borrow headphones at the Music and arts customer service desk.

Electric guitar

The main library has an electric guitar and an amplifier for borrowing. You can also play the guitar with headphones in the library. Borrow or book the guitar and amplifier/headphones with your library card at the Music and arts customer service desk, tel. 06-325 3565. The guitar and amplifier are a donation from the music store Pihlajamaan Musiikki.

Listen to music

Listen to CDs and LP records in the Music and arts section in the main library. Borrow headphones at the Music and arts customer service desk.

Listen to CDs in the Children and young adults section in the main library. Borrow headphones at the customer service desk.

Mobile charging station 

The main library entrance hall. A charging station for mobile devices provided by Vaasan Sähkö. Ask for a key at the Info desk.

Sports equipment 

The library has many types of sports and exercise equipment available for checkout: gym games bags, pedometers, exercise bands, balance cushions, kettlebells, Nordic walking poles and volleyballs; pétanque, disc golf and badminton sets. For a full list of equipment (in Finnish and Swedish), search the library catalogue using the keyword ”liikuntavälineet”. 

The gym games bag contains:

  • skipping ropes of different lengths for single skipping and group skipping
  • a guide (booklet) to skipping games and skills, in Finnish 
  • QR codes for QR code orienteering, with videos about skipping games and skills
  • exercise cards with easy partner acrobatic moves
  • a guide (booklet) to family exercise, in Finnish 
  • a gymnastics passport for schools, with basic gymnastic moves

The equipment is available for checkout from the main library, and from Vähäkyrö library during staffed hours. The gym games bags are available from Palosaari, Huudi, Suvilahti, Sundom and Variska libraries.


The main library info has three 3-speed city bikes available for checkout with a library card. The bikes can be borrowed for a day, and each comes with a helmet. The bikes are available for checkout from May 2 to September 30.