Season tickets for checkout

General rules:

  • Tickets are available for checkout at the main library.
  • Tickets must be returned to the main library.
  • The loan period for tickets is one week.
  • The loan cannot be renewed.
  • Tickets cannot be reserved.
  • To check ticket availability, search “kausikortti” in the library catalogue.
  • You can have only one ticket on loan at a time.
  • The main library lobby has printed copies of tickets available for checkout. Exchange the copy for the actual ticket at the first floor information desk.
  • You cannot borrow a ticket again immediately after returning it.
  • The late fee for tickets is 0.35 euros/day. The library will send you an overdue notice immediately after the due date.
  • If you do not return the ticket within three days of the due date, the ticket will be deactivated and it will no longer be valid. You will be charged the replacement fee of the ticket.

Vaasa City Orchestra has cancelled all concerts until the end of spring 2020.

Vaasa city orchestra season cards

  • Two Grande season cards to the orchestra’s spring 2020 concerts.
  • Each Grande card has an assigned seat in the Vaasa city hall assembly room.
  • Each ticket comes in a ticket holder with hanging strap.
  • The replacement fee for a ticket is 200 euros.

The performances of the Vaasa City Theatre (Vaasan kaupunginteatteri) have been cancelled until the end of the spring 2020.

Vaasa city theatre

  • Two season tickets available for checkout.
  • Each season ticket entitles you to two tickets per checkout to a Vaasa city theatre production.
  • The date of the performance must fall within the loan period of the season ticket.
  • The season tickets cannot be used for concerts, visiting shows, opening night performances, or shows that are sold out.
  • Redeem your tickets by showing the season ticket at the theatre’s box office at Pitkäkatu 53. The season ticket alone does not entitle you to enter the auditorium.
  • If you exchange a ticket that you have purchased with a season ticket, you will be charged an exchange fee of 10 euros.
  • You can only exchange the tickets for tickets to another performance on the same week.
  • Each ticket comes in a ticket holder with hanging strap.
  • The replacement fee for a lost ticket is 200 euros. 

What’s on in Vaasa City Theatre (in Finnish)

In spring 2020, the library will offer an even wider selection of seasonal tickets for checkout. Season tickets to the games of VPS/VIFK (football), Vaasan Mailattaret (Finnish baseball) and Wasa Royals (American football) will be available for checkout later in the spring.