Library spaces 31/8–31/12/2020

  • We have reduced study spaces in all library locations to ensure a safe distance between customers.

Main Library:

  • Draama-hall is available for events up to 75 people.
  • The main library reading room Toivo will be available for 2 people at the same time.
  • The group study room Essee will be available for groups up to 10 persons at a time.
  • Event space Venny will be available for events up to 20 people.
  • Makerspace will be available for use.
  • Game room Pessi is not available for use. 


  • The meeting room is not available for use.



Draama-hall is suitable for lectures, theatrical performances and film showings. It fits a maximum of 160 people at a time.

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Event space Venny

Located on the second floor of the main library, Venny is suitable for smaller events and meetings. 

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Group work room Essee

Located on the first floor of the main library, Essee is suitable for meetings and studying. It may be booked free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

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Meeting room at Huudi, Huutoniemi

The meeting room at Huudi can be booked for meetings and gatherings. The room fits around 15 people.

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Makerspace is located on the first floor in the main library.

It is a workspace where you can build things and work on your projects during main library opening hours.

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Art gallery Teema

Teema may be booked for art exhibitions.

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Gallery, the corridor gallery space is located on the first floor of the main library and has 34 picture hooks. Gallery may be booked for exhibitions.

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Display cases

The main library has two lockable glass display cases suitable for smaller exhibitions. Display cases A and C are located on the first floor. 

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Palosaari library display and exhibition area

The walls in the newspaper reading room at Palosaari library can be used for smaller art exhibitions.

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Other bookable exhibition spaces

In addition to Teema, Gallery and the exhibition spaces at Palosaari and Variska libraries, even other spaces at the main library and the branch libraries may be booked for exhibitions. For further information, please contact a sectional department at the main library or a branch library.

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Reading room Toivo

Toivo is a small reading room for 1–4 persons in the Music and Arts section on the second floor of the main library. Toivo may be booked free of charge.

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Study area by the glass wall

30 study places on the second floor of the main library by the glass wall facing Palosaari. Some of the desks have electrical outlets. Not bookable. 

Study area in Vasaensis

Several study places in the regional collection room Vasaensis on the second floor of the main library. For studying or silent group work. Not bookable. 

Exam room

The main library has a separate room for students taking an Aalto EE online exam. If the room is not booked for an exam, it can be used for silent study or silent group work. Second floor, not available for booking.