1. Summer artists 2018


    Summer artists 2018! Vaasa City´s summer artists: Lisa Lähdesmäki, Inez Enges, Neo Paavola, Sofie Lundell.

  2. Library customer register cleanup


    All records for adult customers who have been inactive since 31.12.2012 will be deleted from the library customer register. Because of the new European data protection law (GDPR), the library can keep customer records for a limited period only.


  1. Playing with colours

    When: Thursday 2 august - thursday 30 august
    Location: Art Gallery Teema Main library

  2. Exhibition of Vaasan Rudols Steiner school

    When: Wednesday 1 august - friday 31 august
    Location: Lounge Main library

    Exhibition of Vaasan Rudolf Steiner school at the Vaasa City Library lounge until the end of August.